Digital Education for everyone is a growing collection of digital learning resources.

digital-classroom is a project of the German non-profit organization Digitale Bildung für Alle e.V. (“Digital Education for everyone”) and the successor of our project

At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, we launched the website – as an immediate help for all students, parents and teachers suddenly faced with the challenges of homeschooling.

We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback – by now the website has been clicked hundreds of thousands of times – but also by the drive and ethusiasm of the community to jointly build and further develop  the platform.

Today, distance learning and homeschooling are (hopefully) no longer that present. But digital education has received a big boost over the last few years and our goal to make digital education as easy and accessible as possible for families, schools and educators hasn’t changed.

That’s why we’ve developed into

Verena Pausder

Founder & Ambassador
Verenas Why

“We have no time to lose when it comes to digital education. Instead of waiting for schools to change, we want to provide practical help with this platform. Ultimately, all the digital offerings already existing are only as good as to the extent they are being used in practice. With digital-classroom, we want to support schools and families to find and use them easily and effectively”

Louisa Strasser

Co-Founder & Partner Management
Louisas Why

“When I chat with friends about how we envision digital education for our own children someday, I realize two things: First, how much there still needs to be done. Second, how big the predominantly untouched opportunity space of digital education really is. So let’s get started now and turn those opportunities into contemporary educational impact!”

Yvonne Karolus

Project Lead
Yvonnes Why

“Digital education not only affects the future of education and media, but already has a clear impact on each and everyone of us. I want to proactively shape this development, promote digital innovation and create strong networks which leverage digital education for a better and responsible tomorrow.”

Maxi Fricke

Project Lead
Maxis Why

“Learning in the 21st century can no longer take place without digital education. But this can only ever be as good as the teacher behind it, who is constantly innovating. Therefore, I would like to make my small contribution to make this process as accessible as possible for everyone.”