The best digital learning tools for

Primary Education



Special education solution that combines a learning management system with built-in programs and evidence-based curricula designed to deliver intensive instruction.

Audio Studio

Create your own podcasts, audio books and sounds.

Best coding and STEM toys

Educational STEM games and toys that are perfect introductions to programming, science and more.


Interactive math tasks for the 4th-10th grade.


Web conferencing system designed for online learning.


School management system that is hosted in the cloud and designed to assist educational institutions in recording and keeping track of the information, grades, and medical data of its students.

Blackboard Ally

Enhancing accessibility and universal design for learning management systems.

Book Creator

Creation of interactive stories, enriched with pictures, videos and sounds.


Animated Educational Site for Kids – Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology.


Learning languages for every age group.


Get to know the world of computers in a playful and creative way.


Turning knowing into doing using AI and cognitive science.

Class Collaborate

Simple and reliable virtual classroom solution to power your online teaching and web conferencing needs.


Leading provider of cloud-based education products that connect teachers and students to their classroom, their curriculum and each other in richer, more powerful ways – from access and analytics to cybersecurity and identity management.

Class Ninjas

Math skills for the 5th-8th grade.


Platform that enables digital learning for K12 schools by providing a centralized location for identity, access, safety, and engagement in the classroom.

Code it!

Web offer, with which children and beginners can learn programming easily and playfully.

Coding Pixel

Playfully getting to know how a computer works & the basic principles of Computational Thinking.


Teaching and learning system for course management and adaptive learning solution.

Dash & Dot

The playful robot for the home.


Help every student learn math and love learning math through a web-based solution that provides customizable distance learning activities for teachers and students, such as a graphing calculator, a scientific calculator, a geometry tool, and more.


e-learning platform for more efficient teaching at home.

Discovery Education

Producer of digital content, digital curriculum materials, and professional development opportunities for K-12 schools.


Engaging online math and reading programs for students.


Easily create beautiful interactive video lessons for students and integrate them into your own LMS.


Get any kid excited to read and learn with over 40,000 books, audiobooks and videos.


Playfully personalized math and reading activities for elementary teachers.

Excel Easy

Easy to follow, fully illustrated Excel tutorial + 300 examples.


Children from 7 years on learn the digital world and the structure of programming languages through play.


The app listens as the child reads & provides real-time feedback to improve the ability to vocalize.

Fox & Sheep

Select characters, backgrounds and music to produce your own films.


Adaptive practice program that helps educators differentiate effectively in math, English, science and social studies.


All-in-one software solution for educational institutions of all kinds.

Google Classroom

Teaching and learning platform for teachers to manage their courses, assess performance, and enrich student learning.


All-in-one, saas-based platform for course creators and entrepreneurs to create, launch, market and sell their online courses.


Learning management systems and training management software for training and development.


Digital learning activities, reading games and songs for 2-8 year olds.


Program your own games.

Hour of Code

One-hour tutorials in over 45 languages. No experience needed.

Imagine Learning

Developing digital education programs that help students learn subjects such as reading, math and language development in a fun way. With personalized content and gamification elements, learning becomes more effective, especially for schools and teachers who want to integrate innovative digital tools into the classroom.


Create and edit your own movies.


Comprehensive e-learning program for reading, math and Spanish.


Create educational games or a quiz on any topic in any language. Free for schools during Corona.


The digital handwriting exercise book.

Khan Academy

The platform provides practice tasks, instructional videos, and a customized learning dashboard.


Connecting curriculum, instruction and assessment in one place with integrated communication tools that make teaching more efficient and effective.


Learn to program in a playful way.


The world’s leading platform for virtual labs and science simulations that encourage students to explore science through playful elements. Students then apply their knowledge to solve a real-life problem in the context of a story.


Online Classroom designed for teaching, tutoring & training.


LessonUp supports online lessons with interactive features to motivate students: Quizzes, open questions, mind maps, drag & drop questions, spinners etc.

Lexia Reading Core5

Interactive computer on-line program designed for students in preschool through 5th grade.


Learn to speak English with your child. English learning course for 2-6 year-olds.


An app full of animations and sounds that encourages children to compose music.


Digital learning tool for transforming lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences that engage students on their own devices.

Makey Makey

Digital handicrafts and programming from pre-school onwards.


Learn math interactively.


Interactive math tasks from kindergarten to grade 6.


Playful introduction to the world of robotics and programming for children from 8 years on.

Microsoft Teams

Group chat, online meeting and teamwork.


Virtual classroom for online teaching.

Mussila Music School

App for iOS and Android with which children can learn to play the piano.


Digital reading platform that offers students round-the-clock access to thousands of fiction and non-fiction books and news articles – in English, Spanish and other languages.


Digital blackboard surface for virtual teaching.


Real-time insights into student understanding through interactive lessons, interactive videos, gamification, and activities.


Newsela is an educational portal for K-12 students, offering graded cross-curricular reading content. Its standards-aligned material inspires students, enhances learning, and aids educators in improving lessons with engaging experiences.


Self-hosted productivity platform that puts you in control.


Develop stronger writing and grammar skills through interest-based curricula, adaptive practice, and actionable data.


Digital pinboard that can be used as a virtual classroom.


Supplemental online support program from Imagine Learning that helps students with learning disabilities reach grade level in math and reading. The program provides individualized learning progress with fun, motivating content that closes gaps in skills and concepts.

Pear Deck

Create beautiful interactive lessons, presentations, and assessments to engage every student.

Phonics Hero

Digital guide to tutor a child how to spell and read.

Pocket Study

Mobile app-driven learning management solution that fosters collaborative educational activities. It boasts features like flashcards, video libraries, secure content and material sharing, along with online tests, result generation, and an integrated interactive live class mechanism.

PONS Vocabulary trainer

Complete PONS basic and advanced English vocabulary for the vocabulary trainer.

Puppet Pals

Digital Punch and Judy show to create your own stories.


Collaboration solution to bring teachers and students together virtually.


The reading platform for children from the 5th grade.

Renaissance Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader helps you guide students while engaging quizzes and activities help hone students’ reading skills and encourage growth.


Learning Management System with more than 200+ tools, student information systems (SIS), and education platforms.

School messenger for free DSGVO-compliant communication between school and parents/students.

Scratch Coding

Create stories, games and animations and learn programming.


Communication and learning platform for pupils, parents and teachers.

Stop Motion Studio

Digital thumb cinema, create and edit films.

All subjects with exercises, tests and support.


SoftChalk is a software platform that specializes in the creation of interactive digital learning content. The software enables teachers and education professionals to create interactive lessons, presentations and learning materials for use in various educational environments, including schools, universities and businesses.

100 free idioms, 20 free grammar lessons and 15 free advanced lessons in speaking English.


iPad app that helps students understand mathematics at a conceptual level.

Teach Your Monster to Read

Digital guide to tutor a child how to spell and read.

Top Hat

Easy-to-use tools to engage your classroom, adopt and author next generation interactive textbooks, create assignments on the fly and securely administer tests.


Sharing current teaching content, cooperation in group projects and exchange within the college.

Unique Learning System

Helping students with special learning needs master their state’s advanced standards.


A collaborative web conferencing tool to conduct highly interactive live online teaching sessions.


Easy way to create educational videos and support remote learning.